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Good Vibes Band

The Good Vibes Band is a San Diego based band consisting of members Kenny Beaumont (guitar/vocals), Matt Schalles (Bass), and Ian Harland (Drums). They play rock, reggae, funk, and surf music covers and originals.

Saturday Day

Travel Agents

Like being at a Dead show...only the Travel Agents remember the words!

Sunday Day

Driving the Bus

Southern California’s premiere All-Star jam band.

Sunday Night

Jeff Moore

Jeff Moore & the Witch Doctors have been playing since 1999 at Cardiff bar the Kraken, known as a seaside biker bar. A lesser band would surely be drowned out by the din of motorcycles coming and going. “Exactly,” laughs Moore. “I can get the stink eye just by hauling that speaker cabinet and ampContinue reading "Jeff Moore"